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Outreach To The Corrosion Community
FREECORP has been downloaded 9,750 times by users from various locations all over the world including but not limited to the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Norway, India, United Arab Emirates, and the USA. Since its introduction in 2008, we have received feedback and suggestions from more than 222 users ranging from corrosion industry experts to undergraduate students. We thank you for your continued support for FREECORP! Feel free to download the latest version of FREECORP or give feedback. Stay tuned for more updates and changes to come!
FREECORP V1.0 is a simple corrosion model, strongly rooted in theory, which has been developed exclusively based on public knowledge. Currently, this model is capable of predicting uniform corrosion of carbon steel at a single point in an environment containing carbon dioxide, acetic acid, oxygen, and/or hydrogen sulfide. Iron carbonate film formation, a key factor in carbon dioxide corrosion, is simulated using an empirical correlation to improve the accuracy of corrosion rate prediction. Contributions to corrosion of various corrosion species can be calculated, which enables the exploration of dominant corrosion species in the corrosion process. Furthermore, polarization curves for each individual electrochemical reaction, total cathodic and anodic reactions and polarization sweeps can be optionally displayed. In a case of hydrogen sulfide corrosion, film formation is calculated and concentration profile of H2S across mass transfer layers on steel surface is displayed.

FREECORP is a user friendly Excel add-in which allows rapid corrosion prediction calculation and display of the dominant corrosion mechanism. The program determines the dominant mechanism and displays its graph.

For the case of CO2 dominated corrosion the interface shows a polarization plot:

For the case of H2S dominated corrosion the interface shows a polarization plot:

The user also has the option of performing a what-if analysis by adding or removing individual corrosion species from the calculated model. The result of the corrosion calculations and the corresponding plot can be saved into an Excel file.
System Requirements

Software: Windows (Xp, Vista, 7) 32bit or 64bit, Microsoft Office 2003 or better (32 bit Excel only)

Hardware: 512MB RAM, 1.0GHz Processor, 25MB free space

Fixes & Patches
xlHairline Issue
A recent Microsoft Office Update for 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 2 & Service Pack 3 has created a conflict in the current version of FREECORP which will not allow it to operate. Users could see an error focused on a library parameter "xlHairline" which is not the problem, but a symptom of a redirected library reference. The procedure provided will remove the link to the offending file and replace it with a link to the correct library file.
Download Fix for Freecorp [.zip 544KB]


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