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  H2S Multiphase Corrosion Flow Loop
  Inclinable Three-Phase Corrosion Flow Rig
  Wet Gas Corrosion Flow Loops

  Transparent Multiphase Corrosion Flow Loops
  Glass Cells

  Naphthenic Acid Corrosion


  Beginning in the early 1990s, the laboratory at Ohio University's Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology has established itself as the leading facility in the world for investigation of internal CO2 corrosion of mild steel related to oil and gas pipelines. Our unique facility worth more than $5 million and includes three high-pressure, high-temperature, 4" I.D. corrosion flow rigs that can generate a wide variety of multiphase flow regimes and simulate the complex corrosion environments seen in real pipelines (including mixtures of CO2 and H2S) and at the same time enable accurate online corrosion measurements using a variety of techniques. To learn more about these and other facilities at the Institute, select a link at left.

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